Kathy was practically born with a mic in her hand and the stage beckoned her early in life.  At age sixteen she joined a local Christian rock band and toured colleges throughout the Seattle area.  Looking back, she wishes she would have picked up the guitar along the way.  While raising her family and nurturing her career, she was able to indulge in the local karaoke bars and win an occasional competition. Ten years ago, her talent as a back-up singer with local workplace group Disregarded Entity quickly evolved in her becoming the band’s lead vocalist.  Her trio, Titusville Station, was born from that venture along with opportunities to play with other great local artists.  She created Party of 5 with musical friends along the way, as well as arranging “wedding bands” for private events.  Each show brings new excitement and the friendships that are made along the way are priceless.  There is nothing like being part of the music on stage while sharing with an audience.
     “I am Hooked for Life. Come Dance with Me!”


Growing up in the San Francisco bay area, Chris doesn’t remember a time when there wasn’t a radio in close proximity tuned to iconic AM stations KYA and KFRC. This was the 1960’s and his daily exposure to the “top 40 hits of the day” led to an obsession with guitar and bass playing. Early influences were many, including James Jamerson, Freddie King, and Jimi Hendrix. With the encouragement of music teacher Charles Perkins, a former big band leader and trumpeter with Harry James, Chris joined the musician’s union while in high school and played numerous casual gigs in the Sacramento area. The next stop was with Landus, a busy four-piece rock group that performed in the clubs of Sacramento and throughout northern California. After an extended break, Chris returned to music in the 1990’s as a member of the sax and Hammond B-3-driven band Hippology. Following this was a stint in the band of Seattle blues legend Dick Powell. Wanting to get back on guitar Chris landed an extended engagement with The Paperback Riders, a cover group that transitioned into Party of Five with Kathy Rad on vocals. In his current musical home, The Ante Up Band, Chris has found kinship with a fun and talented group of performers who combine a solid rock foundation, sweet vocals, and a bit of country twang. 


 Jeff was born in Troy, New York and was motivated by drummers such as Ringo Starr and Ginger Baker. He found himself behind his own four piece drum kit at age five and learned the rudiments, techniques and appreciation for various styles of drumming from his cousin. He continued his drumming education with lessons in middle school and high school.  After high school, Jeff began playing in bands that covered artists such as The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The J. Geils Band, and Kansas to name a few and then joined the band Four Walls, an original FM Rock project out of Albany, New York and soon found himself on the road opening for The Romantics. Following the unfortunate breakup of Four Walls, Jeff moved several times and played in cover bands in San Diego, California, Washington, DC and Hartford, Connecticut.  In 2004, Jeff moved back to Albany and played in The Still At Large Band, Failure to Adapt and Yu No Hu.  Jeff moved to the Pacific Northwest in November 2013 and played with a few cover bands and did some session work before joining The Ante Up Band.


Mike is a Seattle native who began studying piano at the ripe age of 5.  At age thirteen Mike joined the Musicians Union Local 76, the youngest musician to ever join the union.  Also at age thirteen, he was tutored by jazz great Jimmy Smith on the Hammond B3.  Soon thereafter, he played with or toured with some of the Northwest’s most famous bands such as:  Jimmy Hanna and The Dynamics; The Enchanters; Hugg; Merrilee Rush and The Turnabouts; and The Liberty Party, who released several records on Jerden and ABC-Paramount labels.  After the Liberty Party Mike joined Sonny and Cher on a west coast tour and then became a session musician in Southern California during which he released a solo album of original material    entitled Long Time Comin’, on the American Variety International (AVI) label. Mike has produced live shows for the Disneyland Hotel and the Spruce Goose Dome in Long Beach, CA; played for Ray Brewster and the Cadillacs in Los Angeles and Las Vegas and for the group The States.  Additionally, he was co-founder of the jazz trio Tripolar that was active from 2006-2011,. He has a solo act called Wheezing with the Geezer featuring oldies rock and classic country tunes, and is currently the keyboardist for The Ante Up Band.



Tim was born and raised in the farm lands of southern Ohio. He began taking piano lessons at an early age, but knew quickly that he enjoyed the feel of the bass guitar. His early musical influences were from country, bluegrass and gospel music. As a teenager, classic rock and roll and country rock came to the forefront. ​​

After graduating from the University of Dayton with a degree in electrical engineering, Tim relocated to Sunnyvale, CA and spent the next several decades working in the tech industry and playing with many bands in the SF Bay Area.
Since the early 70’s, Tim has played with a wide variety of music featuring everything from funk, disco and progressive rock, to show tunes and musicals. Tim has also done studio work in Cincinnati, Nashville and Berkeley.

While living in California, Tim was a volunteer for the Veteran’s Administration and played music for veterans and their families at facilities throughout Northern California. 

Since relocating to the Pacific Northwest, Tim has enjoyed working with several local bands and is excited to be the newest member of the Ante Up Band.

Tim is also an avid collector of vintage guitars and amps with examples dating back to the 1930's.


Dave has been playing music since childhood, at first learning to play folk guitar. Inspired by the Beatles and other bands of the ‘60s, Dave quickly transitioned to rock ‘n roll and country rock. He played in his first band as a teen and was hooked right away on the energy created by playing live music with other musicians. He has been playing in bands in the Seattle area ever since.  In the early 2000's, Dave helped a friend with a church worship band and playing at youth events. Dave currently leads youth event music teams, and gets a kick out of helping teens get their first experience playing or singing in a live band. 

Since 2009, Dave has been the lead guitarist and vocalist for the Blue Lizard Band, playing at venues and summer festivals all over the Puget Sound region. Past bands include the Rasters, Seven Times Blue, and The New Flamingos, just to name a few. Dave has also recently gigged with the Linda Carroll Band, Loose Gravel & New Roads, and has filled in on guitar for the Rain City Time Machine.

Besides guitar and vocals, Dave is also proficient on the bass guitar and mandolin, and he composes contemporary rock and blues songs, and music for worship. Dave adds dimension to the Ante Up Band using a Roland GR-55 digital guitar synthesizer, occasionally freeing up Mike to do more with his keyboards. Dave is very jazzed to join the Ante Up Band.


 Joe grew up playing keys and accordion but decided to take a hiatus from music for several years to raise kids, race motorcycles, fly airplanes, and scuba dive.  As his wife began singing with different bands, he applied his technical skills to live sound engineering but swears he may pick up an instrument again.  He has mixed for several bands in small to medium sized venues with different hardware/software combinations.  For The Ante Up Band, he uses Presonus, Sennheiser, and EV equipment as both front of house and on stage monitor engineer.